Happy Late New Year and Welcome Alex

Wow it’s been a whirlwind year. I haven’t posted anything to our blog in quite awhile. It’s a case of the contractor’s house is never done.

I bought the agency from my business partner a little over a year ago. It’s been a fun challenge managing all aspects of the agency, especially installing and dealing with server and VoIP issues, and setting up a new accounting system, etc. Not the things you want to deal with when your clients need your help.  Luckily, we made it through the year.

We lost our Assistant Account Executive, Elizabeth. Her husband graduated and they moved on to build their life elsewhere. Maura is still here working her butt off, being the agency’s right hand person and doing a great job. The Monday before Outdoor Retailer Winter Market we hired Alex, our newest account executive. We threw him into the fire and he came out unscathed and he still wants to work here (check out his post below).

So we’re looking forward to another year serving our clients and looking forward to serving many new ones in the Sports, Outdoor, Athletics and Recreation industries (Lately I’ve taken to telling people what SOAR stands for. Many of them didn’t know, so now you know too.).

Happy late New Year and welcome Alex,



  • You’re not late at all, Chip — today is the Chinese New Year 🙂

    Richard MasonerFebruary 3, 2011
  • That’s funny. I had no idea. What a coincidence!

    ChipFebruary 3, 2011
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