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2014 Interbike OutDoor Demo: Blood, sweat and…more blood and sweat

SOAR staff packed our riding shoes (Vittoria Hora Evos and Five Ten Freeriders, in case you were wondering), crammed helmets into the overhead bins and took to the trails at this year’s Interbike OutDoor Demo. Here’s what we found: Bootleg Canyon has many fine features, but dirt is not among them. A thin layer of […]

Modern Exploration and Media

As a true-blue Lewis and Clark nerd, I could make pocket protector-worthy Twitter “what-if” jokes all day: CaptWClark: msquitos unbearable, shoot me pls CaptLewis: jrnl update: rivr forks. Lft or rt? @Anyone Sacjwe: @CaptLews @CaptWClark Seriously guys? For modern explorers, Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, online videos and podcasts aren’t an option, they’re a necessity. To […]