Another Utah MTB League Season in the Books

For the second year in a row we had the privilege of helping promote the new Utah High School Mountain Biking League. We’ve got to tip our hat to Lori Harward for running one of the country’s biggest and fastest growing NICA leagues; we’re not sure how she does it, but it’s amazing to watch! […]

2014 Interbike OutDoor Demo: Blood, sweat and…more blood and sweat

SOAR staff packed our riding shoes (Vittoria Hora Evos and Five Ten Freeriders, in case you were wondering), crammed helmets into the overhead bins and took to the trails at this year’s Interbike OutDoor Demo. Here’s what we found: Bootleg Canyon has many fine features, but dirt is not among them. A thin layer of […]

Utah High School Cycling League Finishes Amazing First Year

When the news broke last year that Utah was going to be one of the new leagues in the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), the enthusiasm in the SOAR offices was immediate. One of the league’s rallying cries – “I wish they’d had this when I was a kid” – was echoes loud and clear and we […]

Bicycle Leadership Conference and a Friday Night Date

Last month Maura, Alex and I attended the Bicycle Leadership Conference (BLC), and the Sea Otter Classic both as attendees and to work the events (they are SOAR clients). Both play a significant role in the bike industry – the BLC is one of the industry’s leading get togethers for big wigs — and up-and-coming […]

Inspiration and plenty of pain at XTERRA Tri

Until this year, the last time I’d ridden a bike in anger was during a brief mountain bike racing career during high school in the South, where cycling was about as common as sushi restaurants. But after a little dabbling (and a friendly shove) in triathlon last year, I signed up for a few local […]